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 Admin-Interface of Bridge-VM vmnet1 hostonly Host vmnet1 hostonly Server A vmnet1 hostonly Server B vmnet0 bridged


The VM with 3 Nics works as a transparent bridge - Nic 1 and 2 don't have an IP-address, Nic 3 is used for remote administration. The host has no IP on vmnet0 - only VMware Bridge Protocol is required.


VMnet0 is down : the host can access server A and B and the admin-interface of the bridge.
VMnet0 is up:      the host and everyone else can access server A and B

The transparent bridge VM must have a ruleset that passes any protocol from anywhere to anywhere. I prefer OpenBSD for this scenario - m0n0wall (small FreeBSD firewall from CD) can do this - any recent Linux will work.

Advantage: Host and VMs are in one subnet - no matter if the bridged network is up or down.
When the bridge is up all nodes can be addressed from the outside without having to do any
Drawback: the transparent bridge VM has to be active to access LAN or WAN from the host.